Heavy Stubble Makes You More Attractive?

Beard Study Shows Heavy Stubble Makes Men Especially Attractive To Women!  According to the huffpost it does! “Our findings confirm that beardedness affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an intermediate level of beardedness [...]

For Her: Oh, Baby

We’ve been trying to develop a little Holiday  tradition for years now. It involves us taking her shopping. And before your eyes glaze over in boredom just thinking about the hours of your life spent in [...]

The Undercut

The Undercut is gaining momentum and luckily  it isn’t just for the rock-n-roll hipsters anymore. Variations to the style can make it subtle and still office appropriate.  We like this post from Fashion Tag with a [...]

Craft Your Own Mead

Because our head spins by December with all the different beer we’ve ingested (and the fact that the selection becomes ridiculous), we’ve decided to tap into our DIY side and ensure that a warm sweet beverage [...]

Temperance Trader “High Rye” Bourbon

There’s been a trend with local distillers and restaurants recently to import particularly special booze into the family fold that you might not find elsewhere. Such is the case with Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey from [...]

Spring Body Challenge at Fulcrum Fitness

With summer approaching, we assume you’d like to go shirtless without shame should the occasion call for it, so we’re bringing you fitness tips by a pro for the next few months. David Levy of Fulcrum [...]

Mix it up with a Wool Knit Tie

During spring/summer, one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and your image is to keep your dress shirts a lightweight cotton, or even more breathable linen. But to offset the nature of the [...]

Shed Your Winter Coat Before Summer Vacation

If you are wanting to look your best for your upcoming vacation, don’t forget the winter coat you may have growing on your back. If you remember one thing, remember this…do not have your first back [...]

Advice: February 2012

Love is in the air. Or is it? Either way, if you have someone special (or just someone) in your life, it’s that time of the year when you either fabricate an argument around the 12th [...]


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