Featured Imbibe — 05 December 2012

If you’re looking for that swanky drink to impress a vintage-style gal on a cold night, look no further. Bartender Joshua Merrion has you covered with The Chesterfield: a deep red, burbon cocktail with fall tones and a refreshing outlook, making it the perfect drink for those cozy, December nights. And, really, who doesn’t like a burbon-soaked cherry?

The Chesterfield is one of Joshua’s signature drinks at the Ringside Fish House, where he works alongside bartenders who set themselves apart from the crowd with their attention to detail, flavor, and simplicity to create the perfectly blended potion.

“I find that the better cocktails are well rounded, where there’s no one flavor that’s overwhelming,” says Joshua. “With the best drinks, you can taste a bit of everything in them, and the flavoring and texturing is evenly distributed, making a drink that looks, smells, and tastes good.”

You’ll find both a complexity and simplicity in The Chesterfield that lends depth to your cocktail repertoire. If you decide to taste it at the Ringside Fish House before trying your skills at home, we recommend combining it with the famous onion rings or, if you’re enjoying a late night happy hour, try the world famous steak bites or the fish tacos. Trust us. Or if you’re hankering for a burger, the 1/4 pound is fantastic.

And enjoy the live music while you’re there. Every Friday and Saturday boasts a range of jazz, from Gypsy to Brazilian to Americana. So head on over, enjoy the valet service until 10 PM (or 50% off Fox Tower parking with validation), and try this amazing drink.

The Chesterfield

2oz Cherry Infused Bulliet Burbon

1 Wedge of Muddled Lemon

1 Tsp. (or a dash) of Simple Syrup

1oz Lemonade

Shake it once, pour over ice into an Old Fashioned glass, and top off with a burbon-soaked cherry. Give it to the lady and make yourself another.


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