Featured Shopping — 04 December 2012

For Her: Oh, Baby

We’ve been trying to develop a little Holiday  tradition for years now. It involves us taking her shopping. And before your eyes glaze over in boredom just thinking about the hours of your life spent in department stores that you’ll never get back, let us clarify: Lingerie shopping, to be precise. There’s nothing like the playfulness of picking out things together–not to mention seeing her try things on.

Where it gets tricky is where you decide to go. If we catch you in a Frederick’s of Hollywood mall location, you’ve failed… epically. Try for a local outfit that wins every local award (and some national one’s too). Oh Baby lingerie has a distinct and tasteful boudoir-style that’s both intimate and comfortable for such an outing. And their products are to die for. Not too niche, not too trashy, but just right. Class-meets-sexiness abounds in every offering.

May we suggest  a gift card in her stocking and then setting a subsequent date to go shopping?  Trust us, you’ll want to be there and the days in between will be filled with a lasting anticipation.

For Him: The Man’s Shop

Cool threads are tough to come by. For example, where in town does the “active” man buy a nice pair of slacks with the patented Sansabelt waistband just like Johnny Carson used to wear? You know—the one with the comfort fit, perfect for golfing and cocktailing?

What’s more precarious is finding a clothing shop that has something for just about any man. It is a wee bit of a drive down North Lombard Street, but if you are up for the trip, you’ll find a place whose gift certificates would work for just about any gent you know (college bud, boss, dad, etc.) at The Man’s Shop. It doesn’t get any more manly than this old-school haberdasher. That’s because this second-generation family-owned business has been meeting the needs of St. Johns and its males since 1940. The Leveton family sells plenty of Levi’s jeans and Pendleton woolens (they also rent out baby blue tuxes), but their stock in trade are boxy suits and sports jackets (including plaid!).

With a well-earned reputation for taking great care with each and every customer, and free alterations for anything purchased there, this is your best bet for infusing style into his wardrobe without sending him to the mall.

For Everyone: Hammer + Vine

There are a handful of stores in Portland one can visit and be able to check off everybody on one’s list (sans kids). Such a place makes holiday shopping an easier endeavor than even cyber-shopping. The newest addition to this small selection of retail catch-alls is Hammer & Vine.

A very unique new store, you’ll find everything from exotic plants & terrariums to furniture, art and  jewelry. The store has an organic feel and a warmth that draws you in with treasures hidden throughout.  From the poison dart frog displays to the large staghorn ferns and giant orchids, you can’t help but take your time walking through to take it all in. For mom and aunts, we scored a lightbulb terrarium kit, a rosewood cutting board, and a Terrarium pendant. For uncles and a few friends, we procured DIY cheese kits, rustic wood tea light holders, and Oregon etched pint glasses.

One thing that sets Hammer + Vine apart from its counterparts is that it’s curated with items made by local artistisans or the owners themselves.

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For Her: Oh, Baby

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