Good Eats — 03 May 2013

We all know that Portland is now famous for its’ culinary offerings. More than any other city our size, we’ve garnered (rightfully so) a disproportionate amount of attention for the creative cuisine our chefs produce. The thing that always seems to be missing from Portland (and many other cities of its size) is an honest-to-goodness, luxury dining destination. Something even higher-end than say the Portland City Grill.

A newcomer in the form of Quartet has arrived to satiate this desire. Fittingly, it is in the space that housed Lucier, which was Portland’s last (and unsuccessful attempt) at such an eatery. Like Lucier, you have an atmosphere befitting of the prices: impeccable service, romantic lighting, and a view that is simply unparalleled. Where Quartet exceeds Lucier, however is of utmost importance: FOOD! Any fine dining establishment should build a dining experience from the ground up. By ground we mean food.

Quartet had a few bumps in the first month (which will explain the early and tepid Yelp reviews), but it seems they have things worked out making this probably the finest option if you want to absolutely wow your date (or Mom for brunch in a few weeks).


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