Good Eats — 25 November 2013

There have been a few attempts at bringing very high-end dining to Portland. Most have failed (see the colossal failure that was Lucier).  But, there still exists those options that warrant even the men folk getting fancied up–we migth as well do SOMETHING while they try on every dress in the closet, right?

Enter Gracie’s. Tucked away in the lobby of Hotel deLuxe (and adjacent to the supremely tasteful and swanky Driftwood Room bar), you’ll find a throwback to old Hollywood in what looks like a grand ball room plucked straight out of the 40’s. The food (unlike many high-end places) is significantly more than “serviceable”. The cocktails are what you’d expect from an establishment of this caliber, and the service stands out so much that it, too, seems out of a bygone era. There’s a reason that this place is king for NYE celebrations (honorable mention for a most wonderful Thanksgiving spread, as well).

If you’ve ever been inclined to play Sinatra/Gardner for an evening, dust off your best “Draper” blazer and buy her a sleek fur pelt and go for it at Gracie’s.


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