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Portland Pizza: Via Tribunali

The only thing that left us boggled was the low prices. [...]

Portland Penny Diner: An Homage to PDX Dining

Portland Penny Diner is almost an homage to the blue-collar and immigrant roots of early Portland. [...]

The Streetcar Bistro

Step into the StreetCar Bistro for the beer and make it your goal to try each one on tap (all 44, last we counted) or a bottle or two (choose from 45, folks). Combine that with [...]

Fall in a Glass

Hint: want to really capture a unique fall taste in your drink? Fig-infused vodka: Combine 1 btl. vodka, 1 lb. figs and 1 vanilla bean in large clean glass jar. Seal and let infuse in cool [...]

Yakuza Lounge

For those who aren’t fervent Japan-o-philes, back in the feudal days (before the Japanese mafia took the name), Yakuza referred to those on the fringes of society. Fittingly, one of Portland’s top restaurants pays homage to [...]

Alberta Substation

"...the genius is in the details." [...]

Casa Naranja

We’re big fans of Hemingway. It’s what prompted our youthful trips to France and Spain. And one thing that we found that still holds true (even though our visits were 70 or so years after Papa’s [...]


We grew up in a restaurant family. Mexican food in the southwest to be exact. As you can imagine, we’re kind of purists when it comes to “a new spin on latin cuisine”. As a result, [...]


We don’t often run across true Italian food. Unlike the Americanized version with heavy sauces, thick noodles and pizza crusts, and an eruption of cheese over everything, true Italian is comparatively light and clean with its [...]

The Picnic House

Summertime in Portland finds us soaking in every possible bit of sunshine possible. To this end, we spend most lunch hours down by the waterfront snacking on something from a food cart we could get our [...]


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