Good Eats The Spots — 01 January 2013

Vitaly Paley was perhaps 2012’s busiest restaurateur. Expanding his horizons from Portland staple, Paley’s Place, he has brought two new concepts to Stumptown, and we can speak for one of ‘em when we say that he’s on the right (if unexpected) track.

With its cuisine (Falafel based sandwiches and dressed-up hot dogs), Portland Penny Diner is almost an homage to the blue-collar and immigrant roots of early Portland. Meanwhile, bar manager Brandon Wise has introduced a most sophisticated list of beverages to the downtown scene. In addition to the house made “Pennywise” sodas, you’ll find incredible specialty cocktails like the Patent Pending (Smith and Cross Navy Rum, Battavia Arrack, Aperol, Don’s Spices & Vanilla syrup, Amargo bitters) and the Portland Egg Cream (Fernet Branca, chocolate syrup, cream, soda).

While we found ourselves intrigued by virtually every item on both the food and beverage menu, we only have one stomach and were limited in our tastings. But you can bet if you pop in, you’ll likely see us there on one of many return visits.


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