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10 Gift ideas: For Him & Her

8 days before Christmas! Here are 10 gift ideas for Him & Her. To be honest, it can be hard to shop for this guy or this girl and his & her specific tastes, but we [...]

Cool Material

Shopping for gifts for men is no easy task. Rather than just complaining about crappy socks and boring gift cards, the editors over  at Cool Material decided to do something about it – for men everywhere. [...]

Craft Your Own Mead

Because our head spins by December with all the different beer we’ve ingested (and the fact that the selection becomes ridiculous), we’ve decided to tap into our DIY side and ensure that a warm sweet beverage [...]

Double Chin Reducer

“Double your pleasure, double your fun” doesn’t refer to that tricky chin issue some of us call distinguished. Instead of putting up your hands or going under the knife, take it easy with an easy measure: DS [...]

All work and no shower? Dry Shampoo Saves the Day

Busy working off Thanksgiving’s twelve hour feast-fest during lunch and don’t have time to shower before heading back to the office?  You need to have a can of dry shampoo in your gym bag. This miracle-in-a-can [...]

Shield Your Scalp with Nioxin

If you’re finding yourself a little thin on the top, don’t forget the SPF when hitting the greens. Try an SPF that is formulated for your head and that won’t leave your hair a pile of [...]

MiN New York: Leave the Spray Can at Home

Taxes, Spring Break, Women… whatever the reason for your grey hairs, they’re making you look older than need be. If you’ve pondered the do-it-yourself hair color box at the grocery store…step away! MiN New York offers [...]

White Shoulders? Keep the Flakes Outdoors

  In winter months, snowflakes aren’t the only ones to collect on your shoulders. Because we stay away from dandruff shampoos that have cancer warnings on the bottle, we recommend a two-pronged approach. First, invest in [...]


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