Take Lingerie Shopping to the Next Level with Oh, Baby

Valentine’s Day brings with one tradition that’s closer to our, er, hearts. Lingerie Shopping, to be precise. Where it gets tricky is where you decide to go. If we catch you in a Frederick’s of Hollywood [...]

Wax On, Wax Often

There are certain things in life that just need to be taken up a notch. Cases in point: everything Emeril touches, most alcoholic drinks, and of course, facial hair.  If you’re not going to take care [...]

Oh, Baby!

We’ve been trying to develop a little Holiday  tradition for years now. It involves us taking her shopping. And before your eyes glaze over in boredom just thinking about the hours of your life spent in [...]

The Gift List: Where to Shop

One thing that sets Hammer + Vine apart from its counterparts is that it’s curated with items made by local artistisans or the owners themselves. [...]

Record Room

Opened two years now, The Record Room in North Portland is perhaps the best Portland offering in the growing trend of “vinyl lounges”. Pop in on the corner of North Williams and Killingsworth, and chances are [...]

Pass the Tissues

When it comes to winter, our bodies react somewhere between Woody Allen and The Boy in the Bubble. Seriously, the fact that we even exist with these genes almost disproves Darwin’s Theory altogether. Because it’s not [...]

The Blackbird

Because there are limited options for men’s clothing in PDX, you’re bound to see us write up a place more than once, though it has been extremely rare. One place that we keep going back to [...]

Division Leap

  For kids who grew up in the punk scene (or anywhere near it), one will remember the hours spent in record stores and how a few of those hours weren’t even spent looking at records. [...]

John Helmer, Haberdasher

Of all accessories a man can incorporate into his wardrobe,  headwear is perhaps the perfect blend of functionality and flare; it protects us from the sun on summer days, keeps us warm on cold days, and (for [...]

Footwear for the Pacific Northwest Urbanite

Complete your fall look with the right footwear. You want to shoot for something refined, but rugged enough for a Pacific Northwest urbanite; something modern, but with a timeless patina. We recommend the Balmoral Half Cab [...]


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