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The Swiss Army Knife of Restaurants

Usually, when a restaurant (hell, any business) tries to be everything to everyone at once, they fail… miserably. Which isn’t to say that those places shouldn’t be patronized. A restaurant/bakery might do one of those things [...]

Out With the New, In With the Old

Great food abounds in Portland, as does specialty shops for all things food and drink. But we’ve long been without an spot that does everything (well, at least). No more. The team behind Grain & Gristle [...]

Not Your Father’s Picnic Basket

Summertime in Portland finds us soaking in every bit of sunshine possible. To this end, we spend most lunch hours down by the waterfront snacking on something from a food cart we could get our hands [...]

Firing on Four Cylinders of Luxury

We all know that Portland is now famous for its’ culinary offerings. More than any other city our size, we’ve garnered (rightfully so) a disproportionate amount of attention for the creative cuisine our chefs produce. The [...]

Yakuza Lounge

For those who aren’t fervent Japan-o-philes, back in the feudal days (before the Japanese mafia took the name), Yakuza referred to those on the fringes of society. Fittingly, one of Portland’s top restaurants pays homage to [...]


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