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Fall Flavor Infusion

Part of Oktoberfest being such a time of bounty for beer is that it is inherently connected to harvest season (see all the pumpkin-flavored and fresh-hopped beers out there). But how does one incorporate all this [...]

Out With the New, In With the Old

Great food abounds in Portland, as does specialty shops for all things food and drink. But we’ve long been without an spot that does everything (well, at least). No more. The team behind Grain & Gristle [...]

Temperance Trader “High Rye” Bourbon

There’s been a trend with local distillers and restaurants recently to import particularly special booze into the family fold that you might not find elsewhere. Such is the case with Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey from [...]

New Spin on Kentucky Derby Cocktails

We hear there’s a notable horse race that takes place in Louisville next month. We also hear that Mint Juleps are the only things to imbibe while celebrating this venerable piece of Americana. May we suggest [...]

Find Your Pan-Asian Passion at Saucebox

Indulge your date’s exotic side in one of the most sexy and chic spaces this side of the Willamette. [...]

Fall in a Glass

Hint: want to really capture a unique fall taste in your drink? Fig-infused vodka: Combine 1 btl. vodka, 1 lb. figs and 1 vanilla bean in large clean glass jar. Seal and let infuse in cool [...]


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