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Fall Flavor Infusion

Part of Oktoberfest being such a time of bounty for beer is that it is inherently connected to harvest season (see all the pumpkin-flavored and fresh-hopped beers out there). But how does one incorporate all this [...]

Split the Difference

A couple of years back, the years of sitting at a desk, typing, caught up to us. We don’t want to play the martyr here (it wasn’t quite as bad as the rowing scene in Ben [...]

Fill Accordingly

When we think of summer we think of baseball and picnics. Fittingly, when we found the perfect possible picnic basket, it is made of Appalachian white ash (same stuff that bats are made of). How did [...]


Is the universal “watch out” in golf. Four, however, is about the minimum price you’ll pay for a beverage on the course. That is, when the beverage cart finally makes its way to you.  Let’s face [...]

Sh*t My Dad Shaves

There’s something about shaving that inherently connects a father and son. You watched him do it before your first words. You mimicked him before your first stubble. And you likely adopted his “routine” when you first [...]

Share the Love

This one is for the dad’s that like new music, but don’t have the time or inclination to navigate iTunes for an entire weekend. miShare is a smart little gadget for sharing files and playlists between [...]

Watch Your Channels on the Road

Ever been on a trip watching movies on your laptop, but really wished you were watching the Blazers game on FSN? Pick up the Slingbox Pro and you won’t have a problem. This baby connects your [...]


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