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Portland’s Genesis of Farm to Table

We live in Portland, and as such we’ve all been inundated with talk of local, organic, etc. etc… But, there’s a reason the movement took off. Why we flock to it. And it occurred to us [...]

The Swiss Army Knife of Restaurants

Usually, when a restaurant (hell, any business) tries to be everything to everyone at once, they fail… miserably. Which isn’t to say that those places shouldn’t be patronized. A restaurant/bakery might do one of those things [...]

Where’s the Beef?

We feel that red meat has been getting a raw deal (pardon the pun). Sure, in excess it can be bad for your health and has a lot of fat, but there’s something else: it has [...]

Firing on Four Cylinders of Luxury

We all know that Portland is now famous for its’ culinary offerings. More than any other city our size, we’ve garnered (rightfully so) a disproportionate amount of attention for the creative cuisine our chefs produce. The [...]

Find Your Pan-Asian Passion at Saucebox

Indulge your date’s exotic side in one of the most sexy and chic spaces this side of the Willamette. [...]

BIWA: An Adventure in Japanese Cuisine

Because Biwa is essentially an Izakaya establishment—the Japanese version of a gastropub—on steroids, you’ll discover as many choices in your drinks as you will your food, including palate- (and mind-) bending “flights” into Sake and a [...]

Yakuza Lounge

For those who aren’t fervent Japan-o-philes, back in the feudal days (before the Japanese mafia took the name), Yakuza referred to those on the fringes of society. Fittingly, one of Portland’s top restaurants pays homage to [...]

Alberta Substation

"...the genius is in the details." [...]


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