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TRULY on the Rocks

Whisky is best served on the rocks, but also best served strong before the ice waters down the good stuff. That leaves the average drinker with about two or so minutes of prime drinking time, depending [...]


Is the universal “watch out” in golf. Four, however, is about the minimum price you’ll pay for a beverage on the course. That is, when the beverage cart finally makes its way to you.  Let’s face [...]

Sh*t My Dad Shaves

There’s something about shaving that inherently connects a father and son. You watched him do it before your first words. You mimicked him before your first stubble. And you likely adopted his “routine” when you first [...]

Share the Love

This one is for the dad’s that like new music, but don’t have the time or inclination to navigate iTunes for an entire weekend. miShare is a smart little gadget for sharing files and playlists between [...]

Father’s Day at HairM

Personally, we find it challenging to bond with our father. Don’t get us wrong… it happens (often, but unexpectedly). It’s just that it is a difficult thing to “plan.” The old man has his pride and [...]

Kitchen Game Changer

Here at PMG, we’re lucky enough to play with all sorts of knives, but we knew something was different when the ErgoChef came through. The blade matches any other high-end knife in terms of strength, beauty, [...]

Keeping Your Home Weird

It’s that time of year when we clean and take stock of our domicile. Not every man has the same decorating style in their home. Heck, some guys have none. Some married guys have one, but [...]

Flowerbud.com & Your Mom

Because flowers for mom on her special day is never ever a bad idea, PMG has you covered. We’ve set up an exclusive deal for our readers. The locally-based Flowerbud is not a florist, not a [...]

Oh, Baby!

We’ve been trying to develop a little Holiday  tradition for years now. It involves us taking her shopping. And before your eyes glaze over in boredom just thinking about the hours of your life spent in [...]

The Gift List: Where to Shop

One thing that sets Hammer + Vine apart from its counterparts is that it’s curated with items made by local artistisans or the owners themselves. [...]


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