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TRULY on the Rocks

Whisky is best served on the rocks, but also best served strong before the ice waters down the good stuff. That leaves the average drinker with about two or so minutes of prime drinking time, depending [...]

Distilling the Myths of Whiskey

To celebrate that special time of year when it’s grayest in Portland and the dreaded taxes are due, HairM hosted a “Tax Relief Whiskey Tasting” VIP event, which featured three of the top whiskeys from the [...]

Temperance Trader “High Rye” Bourbon

There’s been a trend with local distillers and restaurants recently to import particularly special booze into the family fold that you might not find elsewhere. Such is the case with Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey from [...]

New Spin on Kentucky Derby Cocktails

We hear there’s a notable horse race that takes place in Louisville next month. We also hear that Mint Juleps are the only things to imbibe while celebrating this venerable piece of Americana. May we suggest [...]

Forget the Nog

Forget the nog, gents. Procure an excellent rum and the rest of the following and prepare to have many pleased guests at your holiday soiree. 12 egg(s) 1 cup sugar 1 bottle brandy Pinch of ground [...]

Fall in a Glass

Hint: want to really capture a unique fall taste in your drink? Fig-infused vodka: Combine 1 btl. vodka, 1 lb. figs and 1 vanilla bean in large clean glass jar. Seal and let infuse in cool [...]

Local, Handcrafted, Simple Syrup

It’s almost Fall and time to spend more time on your cocktails. And whether you’re hanging on to summer by enjoying Mai Tai’s or getting into some whiskey/ginger concoctions, you’re going to need simple syrups. Trust [...]


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