: ' Portland Men’s Guide'

Rubber Soul

The rainy season will be upon us before you next read this advice column, so we thought it prudent to remind you that it is Portland, and therefore prudent to wear rubber soles with good traction [...]

Forget The Tweezers

Nothing says you are getting older then those annoying hairs that start spurting out from your nose and ears. Forget the tweezers and pick up a GroomMate. With a simple twist you can snip off those [...]

The Swiss Army Knife of Restaurants

Usually, when a restaurant (hell, any business) tries to be everything to everyone at once, they fail… miserably. Which isn’t to say that those places shouldn’t be patronized. A restaurant/bakery might do one of those things [...]

Fall Flavor Infusion

Part of Oktoberfest being such a time of bounty for beer is that it is inherently connected to harvest season (see all the pumpkin-flavored and fresh-hopped beers out there). But how does one incorporate all this [...]

Split the Difference

A couple of years back, the years of sitting at a desk, typing, caught up to us. We don’t want to play the martyr here (it wasn’t quite as bad as the rowing scene in Ben [...]

Making the Umbrella Acceptable

Often in late summer, we get few showers. But when we do, they are fervent. When it’s coming down full force (as opposed to the steady drizzle of fall & winter), the age-old rule against umbrellas [...]

Casually Hip

A lot of stores in town seem to specialize in “casual wear.” Usually this means tees and funky colored jeans. While this is great for outdoor activities, sometimes we want to dress comfortably, while at the [...]

Jim Hill – A Broadcasting Legend

During my time at PAC 12 Media Day, I had a chance to catch up with one of the best Sports Broadcasters of all-time, Jim Hill. Hill spent several seasons in the NFL before making the [...]

Abs of Steel

Abs of steel may be one of those things on our bucket list that we just can’t seem to check off. Oh the days of our youth when belly fat was something that only “old guys” [...]

Organic Sunglasses

When it comes to eye-wear in the past 20 years, we’ve been fairly successful at avoiding trends; even opting for wire frames in an age and town of Rivers Cuomo look-a-likes. Sunglasses? Not so much. We [...]


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