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Rubber Soul

The rainy season will be upon us before you next read this advice column, so we thought it prudent to remind you that it is Portland, and therefore prudent to wear rubber soles with good traction [...]

Casually Hip

A lot of stores in town seem to specialize in “casual wear.” Usually this means tees and funky colored jeans. While this is great for outdoor activities, sometimes we want to dress comfortably, while at the [...]

Organic Sunglasses

When it comes to eye-wear in the past 20 years, we’ve been fairly successful at avoiding trends; even opting for wire frames in an age and town of Rivers Cuomo look-a-likes. Sunglasses? Not so much. We [...]

Mix it up with a Wool Knit Tie

During spring/summer, one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and your image is to keep your dress shirts a lightweight cotton, or even more breathable linen. But to offset the nature of the [...]

Laces are for Wimps

Ok, maybe not, but with Memorial Day just around the corner we encourage you to skip the white loafers and go for something truly patriotic. A pair of American-made cowboy boots from Tony Lama. Did you [...]

Go Brogue

It’s Oregon in springtime, so best not to go full leather sole, right? We suggest the “fossil” colored, wing-tipped Brogue from local outfit, Sorel. [...]

Subtle Pop

Adding a tiny bit of shock & awe in the form of a subtle accessory, like socks, is just the sort of bold, yet subtle, touch we champion. [...]

Macho, Macho Man

As ubiquitous as 60’s style became over the last few years, we might have something of a 70’s-chic trend around the corner. Get your Mike Brady on. [...]

Stand Out This Spring

The best way to get away with something different for spring (and summer as well) is to go for the go-to garment for today’s fashion forward: boldly-colored jeans in faded hues. [...]

Unstructured Sport Coat: A PDX Comeback

One style that’s been making a welcome comeback is the unstructured sport coat. Pioneered by Miles Davis, the slightly-left-of-formal is perfect for Portland, where it’s the rare workplace that requires one to dress up too much. [...]


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