: ' The Goods'

Split the Difference

A couple of years back, the years of sitting at a desk, typing, caught up to us. We don’t want to play the martyr here (it wasn’t quite as bad as the rowing scene in Ben [...]

Making the Umbrella Acceptable

Often in late summer, we get few showers. But when we do, they are fervent. When it’s coming down full force (as opposed to the steady drizzle of fall & winter), the age-old rule against umbrellas [...]

Abs of Steel

Abs of steel may be one of those things on our bucket list that we just can’t seem to check off. Oh the days of our youth when belly fat was something that only “old guys” [...]

Fill Accordingly

When we think of summer we think of baseball and picnics. Fittingly, when we found the perfect possible picnic basket, it is made of Appalachian white ash (same stuff that bats are made of). How did [...]


Is the universal “watch out” in golf. Four, however, is about the minimum price you’ll pay for a beverage on the course. That is, when the beverage cart finally makes its way to you.  Let’s face [...]

Go Brogue

It’s Oregon in springtime, so best not to go full leather sole, right? We suggest the “fossil” colored, wing-tipped Brogue from local outfit, Sorel. [...]

Subtle Pop

Adding a tiny bit of shock & awe in the form of a subtle accessory, like socks, is just the sort of bold, yet subtle, touch we champion. [...]

Macho, Macho Man

As ubiquitous as 60’s style became over the last few years, we might have something of a 70’s-chic trend around the corner. Get your Mike Brady on. [...]

Waterproof iPod

During our annual trip to the Rogue River we always crave tunes, but no one quite trusts the dry bags with their iPods. No sweat. This baby  is waterproof up to 100 feet—not that it will [...]

Ergo Errands to the Rescue

If there is one thing we’ve always wanted and needed, it’s a personal assistant. Now maybe, just maybe, our lives don’t warrant full-time help. And our wallets certainly couldn’t render it, but with the folks at [...]


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