The Goods

Bacon Makes it Batter

George Costanza tried to mix sex with eating and watching T.V. to little success, but now Bakon Vodka is here to properly mix your favorite vices into one delicious, if somewhat odd, experience. Bakon Vodka isn’t [...]

Focus, People!

We’ve never been super diligent about photo quality. In 200, our cell phone camera was lacking enough to warrant a good point & shoot film camera, but when digital took over we never re-upped because the [...]

Cool Material

Shopping for gifts for men is no easy task. Rather than just complaining about crappy socks and boring gift cards, the editors over  at Cool Material decided to do something about it – for men everywhere. [...]

For Him: Yes We Can (Wear the Watch)!

There are lots of great watches out there—classic ones, cool ones, edgy ones, and fun ones. Some are worn by those we know, some are worn by those we don’t know, and some are worn by [...]

Pack…In Space!!!

The honest truth is that men (for the most part) aren’t great packers. Even if we get it right the first time, after two days on the road our bags tend to look like small towns [...]

Dinner Party Essential

It’s dinner party season. And when you are busy in the kitchen executing your culinary vision, your guests need something decent to munch on. Don’t lose focus from your main entree to fiddle with appetizers. Our [...]

Split the Difference

A couple of years back, the years of sitting at a desk, typing, caught up to us. We don’t want to play the martyr here (it wasn’t quite as bad as the rowing scene in Ben [...]

Making the Umbrella Acceptable

Often in late summer, we get few showers. But when we do, they are fervent. When it’s coming down full force (as opposed to the steady drizzle of fall & winter), the age-old rule against umbrellas [...]

Fill Accordingly

When we think of summer we think of baseball and picnics. Fittingly, when we found the perfect possible picnic basket, it is made of Appalachian white ash (same stuff that bats are made of). How did [...]


Is the universal “watch out” in golf. Four, however, is about the minimum price you’ll pay for a beverage on the course. That is, when the beverage cart finally makes its way to you.  Let’s face [...]


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