The Spots

Bottoms Up

In a town where most of the men’s footwear options simply consist of a few racks as an afterthought of a ladies shoe store, finding a place that gives us equal (or maybe more) attention, is [...]

23 Hoyt

Brought to you by the folks who brought you Bluehour, this semi-formal gem is no-nonsense, which is not to say it’s staid–in fact, unique takes abound here. Their chef, who was brought over from Saucebox, is [...]

By Any Other Name, We’d Do The Same

We love when a new watering hole opens up in summer. It means that in about 6 months (when the hype has died down), we’ll have a new place to drown our winter blues. Of course, [...]

The Swiss Army Knife of Restaurants

Usually, when a restaurant (hell, any business) tries to be everything to everyone at once, they fail… miserably. Which isn’t to say that those places shouldn’t be patronized. A restaurant/bakery might do one of those things [...]

Casually Hip

A lot of stores in town seem to specialize in “casual wear.” Usually this means tees and funky colored jeans. While this is great for outdoor activities, sometimes we want to dress comfortably, while at the [...]

Not Your Father’s Picnic Basket

Summertime in Portland finds us soaking in every bit of sunshine possible. To this end, we spend most lunch hours down by the waterfront snacking on something from a food cart we could get our hands [...]

All Summer

Two things we love in summertime are baseball and music. That’s why we’re choosing Hotel Max in downtown Seattle for all of our trips to see the Mariners this summer. To celebrate the anniversary of Sup [...]

Father’s Day at HairM

Personally, we find it challenging to bond with our father. Don’t get us wrong… it happens (often, but unexpectedly). It’s just that it is a difficult thing to “plan.” The old man has his pride and [...]

Spring Body Challenge at Fulcrum Fitness

With summer approaching, we assume you’d like to go shirtless without shame should the occasion call for it, so we’re bringing you fitness tips by a pro for the next few months. David Levy of Fulcrum [...]

Motion of the Ocean

The Ocean Lodge is a cozy retreat right on the beach, offering spectacular views of the Pacific, friendly service, and comfy, clean rooms. [...]


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